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Recipe: Scrumptious Raspberry Carob Brownies

Who doesn’t love a chocolatey, gooey and satisfying brownie? We’re excited to share our latest recipe with you, using our Merry Berry carob bars melted into an easy, healthy brownie mixture and partnering them with juicy raspberries. You won’t miss the chocolate and you can rest assured they’re still delicious treats for all ages – but without the caffeine and sugar!

Makes: 9-12 squares

3 x 40g Supertreats Merry Berry [...]

Cut Down on Caffeine, Have More Energy!

Is coffee a daily part of your routine? Couldn’t live without a cup (at least) in the morning? Or do you grab a chocolate bar or reach for raw cacao when you feel like you need an energy boost? Both of these also contain caffeine – as much as an espresso shot in a 50g bar!

Many people claim getting a caffeine fix helps them to feel more awake, alert [...]