Monthly Archives: June 2017

Top Tips For Being More Mindful

Over the past year ‘mindfulness’ has become something of a trend, but it’s something we see as a good thing for our wellness and mental health. Devoting some time out of your day to take a step back from life can really help to put things into perspective, relax and enable you to take on the challenges that life can throw at us.

At Supertreats, we’re all about the ‘healthy [...]

Recipe: Carob Ice Cream Lollies

With summer well and truly in full swing (although the weather may sometimes say otherwise!), we start to crave treats that will cool us down when the weather’s hot. Ice cream and ice lollies are a favourite with all ages, so we thought we’d create our own low- and no-refined sugar ones using our carob bars. Creamy, chocolatey and easy to make – we can ensure you they’ll be [...]