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Vanilla Berry & Energy Ball Parfait

When the weather’s getting warmer and you want dessert, ice cream calls! But, like most sweet treats, many varieties are loaded with added sugar – however, not Minioti! Just like our superfood carob treats, they don’t compromise on taste and only use 100% natural ingredients. We’re passionate about providing healthy treats for all the family so it’s great to collaborate with the lovely Minioti again.

This recipe combines energy-boosting balls made [...]

My Story and Why I Founded Supertreats

Supertreats founder, Virpi Venho-Jones, explains what drove her to create the world’s best-tasting carob bars.
What inspired you to create Supertreats?
I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with refined sugar and caffeine. I used to love the energizing, short-term boost that they gave me, making me feel on top of the world. But when the effects wore off, I’d feel lethargic, foggy headed, somewhat depressed and irritable – all [...]