Beware The Energy Robbers

WANTED POSTERSWhen you’re looking for a sweet treat for your kids (or yourself), it’s easy to get caught out by these ‘criminals’.

They come in many disguises, but refined sugar, theobromine and caffeine are the main culprits found in chocolate.

These baddies have an adverse effect on the body and mind, and can have a drastic effect on energy levels, mood and behaviour. In kids these effects can be even more pronounced as their bodies and minds are still developing.

Their devious, underhand behaviour means they initially give the impression of being good – providing an immediate burst of energy, and feelings of comfort and wellbeing. But ultimately they’re only interested in running off with much of our vital, natural energy – leaving us feeling tired, irritable and craving more of them.

Well, now you and your kids can avoid falling victim to these lousy villains by reaching for one of our Supertreats bars. They provide the perfect indulgent, yummy treat – packed with good stuff and without any stimulants.

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