Cut Down on Caffeine, Have More Energy!

Is coffee a daily part of your routine? Couldn’t live without a cup (at least) in the morning? Or do you grab a chocolate bar or reach for raw cacao when you feel like you need an energy boost? Both of these also contain caffeine – as much as an espresso shot in a 50g bar!

Many people claim getting a caffeine fix helps them to feel more awake, alert [...]

Introducing the new Supertreats carob bar flavour!

At Supertreats we’ve been working hard on a brand new carob bar combining some of our favourite things…

We’re very excited to introduce our new Cheery Chia bar, a delicious combination of our mouth-watering carob chocolate, pure organic orange oil and superfood chia seeds! With its succulent, sweet taste and unique chia crunchiness, it’s the perfect treat for all lovers of orange chocolate.
Bursting with goodness
Tiny chia seeds are [...]

City Kids Magazine – We Love

London mum Virpi Venho-Jones has created a ‘chocolate’ treat without all the bad stuff. Banished are the refined sugars and stimulants, replaced by organic good stuff, calcium and natural vitamins. They passed the hard-to-please City Kids taste test too!


Maggie & Rose Magazine – Cool Picks

All natural and organic chocolate alternative you say? Super tasty, and one square is definitely not enough of these silky bars. Purchase yours in the Café this May!


Little London Magazine – Food News

With no refined sugar or stimulants but oodles of natural vitamins, minerals and calcium this is a ‘chocolate alternative’ that’s actually good for you.

Finally, a healthy chocolate alternative for kids

Most parents know the effect chocolate has on their little ones. High levels of refined sugar and the presence of caffeine and theobromine cause their blood sugar to shoot up. A dramatic burst of energy is soon followed by an almighty energy crash, leading to temper-tantrums, poor concentration and restless sleep.

But now there’s an alternative. Supertreats bars look and taste just as yummy as milk chocolate but contain no [...]

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    Never mind what Willy Wonka says, we all know that too much chocolate isn’t good for you.

Never mind what Willy Wonka says, we all know that too much chocolate isn’t good for you.

It’s also not good for your kids: the refined sugar and other stimulants in processed bars cause blood sugar levels to shoot up, then suddenly crash, making for irritable children.

Of course, there are other snack options -an apple, carrot sticks, etc. However, despite the nutritional worthiness of these sweet-alternatives, the reality is when you are craving chocolate, fruit and vegetables simply won’t do. A treat should taste like a [...]