It’s also not good for your kids: the refined sugar and other stimulants in processed bars cause blood sugar levels to shoot up, then suddenly crash, making for irritable children.

Of course, there are other snack options -an apple, carrot sticks, etc. However, despite the nutritional worthiness of these sweet-alternatives, the reality is when you are craving chocolate, fruit and vegetables simply won’t do. A treat should taste like a treat.

Or, rather, it should taste like a Supertreats bar.

It’s not just that these bars are delicious, but that they understand how to appeal to all the senses. When you first unwrap it, you are greeted with a rich, tempting smell. The consistency is silky, its colour is a rich brown and looks just as desirable as your go-to chocolate brand.

If your little one chocolate with a twist, opt for the Merry Berry (still loving the pun), which is packed with blueberries, giving your treat a fruity zing. If he or she is more of a purist (and I must admit, I am), the Silky Milky will address their needs: exquisitely simple, utterly lovely.

Containing no refined sugar, theobromine or caffeine, the bars use instead coconut blossom nectar for sweetness. Eating one, you will consider whether you are really need the white, granulated stuff again, or if you could just use this nectar in its place.

There are other benefits to the treat: they are high in calcium (each bar containing more of this good stuff than can be found in a 100 ml glass of milk), rich in natural vitamins and minerals, organic, ethical and sustainable.

They are also perfectly suitable for melting and baking, just like normal chocolate, opening up the potential for more healthy, delicious treats.

Of course, though they are designed for kids, there is nothing to stop you from having one yourself…we could all use a sustained, slow-release of energy, after all.

This article was published in the What’s On section of the angel & urchins website – April 2015 -