Put The Spring Back Into Your Step

Winter is over and we can finally expect better weather and longer days, helping us to feel more uplifted at this time of year. But if you’re still struggling to shake off the sluggish winter feeling, here’s our top tips to help boost your energy throughout the Spring days!

A good night’s sleep helps our body and mind to function properly and is essential for our mood [...]

Peanut Butter, Vanilla & Carob Ice Cream Bars

We’re back again with another recipe featuring our friends at Minioti no added sugar ice cream. Similar to Supertreats, the brand formed as mums Anna and Natasha wanted to create a healthier treat for their little ones because couldn’t find any, so went out to create their own. We’re passionate about providing healthy treats for children (that adults can enjoy too!) so it’s great to collaborate with mumpreneurs who [...]

Enjoy A Caffeine & Refined Sugar-Free Easter

There’s no denying that Easter is very much focused on chocolate, Easter eggs and all things sweet, for those who celebrate it. Of course, we’re all about enjoying a treat, especially if you have a sweet tooth like us. But what about the refined sugar and caffeine content in all that chocolate?

Did you know that a standard bar of 50g milk chocolate contains up to 6 teaspoons of [...]

Berry Supertreats Ice Cream Tart

We’re now officially into Spring which means warmer weather (hopefully!) and the bloom of flowers and nature – what a wonderful time of year! As well as Easter, this month is also about Mother’s Day, so we’ve come up with a recipe especially for this occasion. Teaming up the fantastic Minioti no added sugar Jersey ice cream, this no-bake dessert is sure to pull out all the stops when [...]

How To Achieve Mindful Eating

The concept of mindfulness is something we’ve covered before on our blog, when we shared our top tips on living a calm, peaceful lifestyle. But have you thought about mindfulness when it comes to eating? Rather than just grabbing something in a rush, it’s about reconnecting with the present, selecting food with intention and awareness and consuming thoughtfully.

This might sound great on paper, but how can we realistically try [...]

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Berry Carob Puddings

With Valentine’s Day coming up we thought we’d get in the mood for love and make these gorgeous, super indulgent, no refined sugar carob puddings with chunks of our Supertreats inside and melted on top! Paired with berries for a fruity touch, they are sure to go down a treat and win some brownie points :)


150g gluten-free flour
75g coconut sugar
4 tablespoons carob [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Caffeine in 2018

The start of the New Year signals the beginning of many resolutions we make to try and improve our lifestyle and health. Eating more vegetables, quitting smoking, going to the gym more or trying to be more positive are just some we might be familiar with. And while cutting down on alcohol may also be a common one, should we be reducing caffeine too?

We live in a world that [...]

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Baked Banana, Raspberry & Supertreats Oats

January: The month after a season of indulgence, when we’re conscious of getting back on track with our healthy eating regime. But that’s not to say you can’t still have a balance of nutritious food and treats! Our no-refined sugar, caffeine-free carob bars make a tasty addition to this warming breakfast recipe – baked oats packed with raspberries and banana to keep you full all morning.


150g rolled oats
4 [...]

Our Top 5 Tips For A Healthier Christmas

As we all know, Christmas is a time for indulgence – parties, presents and more food than you can shake a stick at! It’s all too easy to over–do it, leaving you exhausted and perhaps a little heavier than you’d like. But the festive period doesn’t need to be stressful or take its toll on your health. So here are our top tips to help you enjoy Christmas in [...]

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Mini Supertreats Christmas Puddings

Christmas is a time for indulging – and we encourage that! However be aware of consuming TOO much sugar as you will just feel lethargic and slugish at a time when you will want to be celebrating and enjoying the festivities! That’s why these easy but effective little treats are ideal to make and serve around this time of year: Packed with oats, dates and spices, topped with our [...]