Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep – the most effective thing we can do to re-set our brain and body every day to help us feel at our peak. So why do so many of us struggle with it? According to the World Health Organisation, two thirds of us in developed nations fail to hit the recommended eight hours of sleep a night.

This is what the National Sleep Foundation recommends we should be [...]

Top Tips For Being More Mindful

Over the past year ‘mindfulness’ has become something of a trend, but it’s something we see as a good thing for our wellness and mental health. Devoting some time out of your day to take a step back from life can really help to put things into perspective, relax and enable you to take on the challenges that life can throw at us.

At Supertreats, we’re all about the ‘healthy [...]

Recipe: Carob Ice Cream Lollies

With summer well and truly in full swing (although the weather may sometimes say otherwise!), we start to crave treats that will cool us down when the weather’s hot. Ice cream and ice lollies are a favourite with all ages, so we thought we’d create our own low- and no-refined sugar ones using our carob bars. Creamy, chocolatey and easy to make – we can ensure you they’ll be [...]

Recipe: Scrumptious Raspberry Carob Brownies

Who doesn’t love a chocolatey, gooey and satisfying brownie? We’re excited to share our latest recipe with you, using our Merry Berry carob bars melted into an easy, healthy brownie mixture and partnering them with juicy raspberries. You won’t miss the chocolate and you can rest assured they’re still delicious treats for all ages – but without the caffeine and sugar!

Makes: 9-12 squares

3 x 40g Supertreats Merry Berry [...]

Cut Down on Caffeine, Have More Energy!

Is coffee a daily part of your routine? Couldn’t live without a cup (at least) in the morning? Or do you grab a chocolate bar or reach for raw cacao when you feel like you need an energy boost? Both of these also contain caffeine – as much as an espresso shot in a 50g bar!

Many people claim getting a caffeine fix helps them to feel more awake, alert [...]

Recipe: No-Bake Carob Granola Bars

Ideal for breakfast-on-the-go, an energy-boosting snack to get you through the afternoon, or a post-gym refuel, these no-bake Granola Bars are exactly what you need! Packed with dried fruits, seeds and chunks of our NEW Cheery Chia carob bar (or you can use another Supertreats flavour you prefer), these delicious snacks are sure to go down a treat for both children and adults alike!

Makes: 9-12 bars

100g rolled oats

Introducing the new Supertreats carob bar flavour!

At Supertreats we’ve been working hard on a brand new carob bar combining some of our favourite things…

We’re very excited to introduce our new Cheery Chia bar, a delicious combination of our mouth-watering carob chocolate, pure organic orange oil and superfood chia seeds! With its succulent, sweet taste and unique chia crunchiness, it’s the perfect treat for all lovers of orange chocolate.
Bursting with goodness
Tiny chia seeds are [...]

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    THANK GOODNESS FOR CAROB! The delicious, healthy and caffeine-free alternative to chocolate. By Charlotte Palmer.

THANK GOODNESS FOR CAROB! The delicious, healthy and caffeine-free alternative to chocolate. By Charlotte Palmer.

Step aside raw cacao – the superstar of the natural health world – there’s a new kid on the block. Carob, if you haven’t already heard of it, is the current contender for superfood status, due to its impressive nutrient profile and lack of stimulants.

From the same plant family as the pea, the fruit pods of the carob tree are dark brown and deliciously sweet. Originally from Greece, carob now [...]

City Kids Magazine – We Love

London mum Virpi Venho-Jones has created a ‘chocolate’ treat without all the bad stuff. Banished are the refined sugars and stimulants, replaced by organic good stuff, calcium and natural vitamins. They passed the hard-to-please City Kids taste test too!


Maggie & Rose Magazine – Cool Picks

All natural and organic chocolate alternative you say? Super tasty, and one square is definitely not enough of these silky bars. Purchase yours in the Café this May!