Over the past year ‘mindfulness’ has become something of a trend, but it’s something we see as a good thing for our wellness and mental health. Devoting some time out of your day to take a step back from life can really help to put things into perspective, relax and enable you to take on the challenges that life can throw at us.

At Supertreats, we’re all about the ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ concept – we think it’s important to not only eat well but to also keep your mind in check to help you feel invigorated and at your best. Here are some of our top tips for practicing mindfulness:

Be grateful

Gratitude is the act of expressing thanks for the things we have in life, even when you’re having a bad day. Take a moment each day or when you’re feeling particularly down to think about the things you are thankful for, whether that’s making a list or speaking aloud.

Pay attention to your breathing

Breathing exercises and focusing on your breath can help you to be present and gradually drown out thoughts or worries so you can exist in the here and now. It can be a tricky task at first to simply concentrate on breathing and nothing else – especially when you may have a lot of stresses – but with a bit of practice you’ll feel much calmer and refreshed.

Try meditation

When it comes to practicing ‘mindfulness meditation’ all you need is a yoga mat, a quiet space and YouTube – a great resource for videos with different time scales to fit into your routine. Practicing this has been known to lower stress,help you to sleep better and dismiss distracting thoughts to allow more clarity in your head.

Be in charge of your thoughts and feelings

Of course it’s ok to feel down, stressed, upset or angry – but you can reign some of those feelings in and turn them around. It can take effort and patience, but try to remove yourself from these negative thoughts and offer advice or a solution just as you would to a friend.

It’s ok to switch off

Life can be so hectic and busy for a lot of us, but have you ever thought about making time to do nothing? Living in the present moment has become more and more rare as we think back to past events or planning ahead to the future – so put 10 minutes aside each day to give your brain a break and let yourself relax (without going on your phone!).

Cut down on caffeine

We have mentioned this in a previous blog post but it’s easy to underestimate the power of caffeine on the brain. Mindfulness is all about peace, calm and relaxation, whereas caffeine promotes the opposite and acts as a stimulant. Try and cut down on coffee, energy drinks and raw/normal chocolate (swap this for our no refined sugar, caffeine-free bars instead!) to help your body and mind chill out when adopting a more mindful approach to life.