Chocolate vs Carob


A standard 50g bar of chocolate contains up to 6 teaspoons of refined sugar! But did you know it also contains caffeine and theobromine, both disruptive stimulants that cause energy spikes and crashes – just like refined sugar?

These unhealthy ups and downs wreak havoc with mood and concentration levels and can lead to disrupted sleep. They can also spark a hard-to-break-cycle of cravings for other sugary or caffeine-containing food and drinks.

But now there’s a healthier alternative.

Silky Milky group imageSupertreats carob bars look and taste just as yummy as milk chocolate but are better for you. They’re made from superfood carob, gently sweetened with coconut sugar, giving them a heavenly caramel taste.

They’re caffeine free and theobromine free - unlike milk, dark or raw chocolate - and are choc-full of good stuff, supporting your natural vitality whilst satisfying your sweet tooth.

Supertreats bars are the perfect healthy treat for the whole family and they’re available from a growing list of leading retailers and health food stores. (find one here)